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May 4, 2010

Indie Contents

Table of Contents created for a fake Indie Parenting magazine. Highly specialized I know but I'd read it...

Jersey Spread

Spread about Jersey and gardening for the fake Home and Gardening magazine. [Note: First paragraph was written while drunk Brilliant.]

The Biz

Serious Roughs for my personal Business card. If you can I'd love feed back. Fighting myself with coloration of the lines, whether my contact info should go on the lines or with the logo, and whether the contact info is better aligned left or centered. I personally love the Royal purple and Gold, but a lot of people feel the green is a good representation of me but I fear the lines (which are petals from cherry blossoms) could be misconstrued as cabbage in the green color scheme...

Bio - jeff

Bio done in style as Scott and my own.

Bio - scott

Bio done for Scott in same style as my own

Bio - e

Intended to just be created for a profile picture as a quick simple digital painting.

Turned into a bio


Poster I created for a magazine I made up. Home and Gardening Magazine.